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Smooth Premium 140gsm Poster Plus Backlit

Coated paper for backlit and poster applications

Smooth Premium 140gsm Poster Plus Backlit is a basic reference in any coated paper range. It is a cost-efficient alternative to matt photo papers and may be used with both dye and pigment inkjet printers. It is a versatile medium suitable with both backlit and poster applications. 

Smooth Premium 140gsm Poster Plus Backlit

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Smooth Premium 140gsm Poster Plus Backlit



Smooth Premium 140gsm Poster Plus Backlit is very easy to use and provides brilliant colour reproduction without requiring any specific settings. It has a high level of whiteness that makes for excellent eye-catching contrast when used for POS advertising. A perfect formation combined with a non-glare surface enables this paper to yield brillant colours in backlit applications.


• Easy to use: provides superb colour quality without any profiling being required

• Good optical whiteness (103) and colour contrast

• Cost- efficient alternative to backlit films

• May be used for both poster and backlit applications

• Smooth and uniform finish

• Water resistant coating

• PEFCTM 100%


• High quality poster for POS information

• Lightbox application

• Photography

Technical data
Features Units Methods   Values


ISO 536 - 140,0
Thickness µm ISO 534 - 135,0
Bulk  cm3/g - - 1,04
Moisture % ISO 287 - 4,0
Opacity % DIN 53146 - 97,0
Whiteness CIE %

ISO 11475

Color Touch 2

D65 - C/10°

Top 133,0

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