Films for creative printing

Printing films are primarily used to decorate shop windows or to design stands or other communication media. They are also very popular as a transparent version, for all backlit displays. They allow for high-quality printing and are the medium of choice for artistic or high-end displays, whether in shop windows or as posters.


Products made for you

La gamme SuniSolvant

Woaf Backlit 150g

Satin coated paper for backlit and poster applications ECO / MILD SOLVENT UV SOLVENT LATEX
La gamme SuniJet

Frontlit-Backlit Film 215µ

Clear Polyester backlit film Inkjet water-based (Pigment & Dye)
La gamme SuniJet

Opaque Film 180µ

Grey back opaque Polypropylene film Inkjet water-based (Pigment & Dye)
La gamme SuniJet

Self-Adhesive Repositionable Opaque Film 200µ

Self-Adhesive repositionable opaque Polypropylene film Inkjet water-based (Pigment & Dye)
La gamme SuniJet

Self-Adhesive Transparent PVC Film 260µ

Transparent self-adhesive PVC film Inkjet water-based (Pigment & Dye)
La gamme SuniJet

Self-Adhesive Vinyl PVC 280µ

Waterproof self-adhesive flexible PVC vinyl Inkjet water-based (Pigment & Dye)

Opaque film and repositionable vinyl

Opaque polypropylene films can be used in various settings: for window dressing, shopping trolley covers, on-the-shelf products such as on fridges, to highlight a promotion, or emphasise key benefits... They are the ideal companion for product displays and window decorations. Discover exceptional products such as the 200µ opaque repositionable film or the 260µ transparent self-adhesive film, which will give your communications a qualitative difference of the highest degree.

Adhesive vinyls in particular, with our star of the market: the PVC 300µ adhesive vinyl is specially designed to withstand long outdoor exposure. Banners, window decoration: anything goes! From signage to high-end decoration, you give your commercial messages every chance of reaching their targets. The best part? Test and repeat! 


Transparent films for backlit applications

Whether it is the Frontlit-Backlit film 215µ, the transparent self-adhesive film 260µ or the opaque self-adhesive repositionable film 200µ, these films allow you to decorate your spaces, enhance your windows and display your communications quickly, thanks to a very short drying time. The care taken by Guyenne Papier in the manufacture of this product means high printing performance and high-quality rendering of texts and images. Indoors or outdoors, you can magnify your communications with ease and flexibility.


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