You are

Paper Merchant

The current context in which you are operating is subject to strong constraints which challenge your market. You must propose new product ranges as your evolves your business model. With our paper-based culture and as we are aware of the difficulties linked to the market, we invite you to be a pro-active partner rather than a follower.

Your challenges


new original products


the sale of niche products

Increasing the share

of specialty products within your range

Why choose Guyenne ?

Our service

Guyenne offers to accompany you in your quest for new customers by bringing you the "French Touch" necessary for all creative trades.

Our experience

The creation of the company goes back to the origins of the printing industry, giving us full legitimacy to accompany you in the acquisition of new markets and new clients.

Our ranges

For your customers and for you, we have created tailor-made product ranges in line with the various existing technologies.

Technical data

Need informations ?

Our technical and sales teams provide you all the help you need.