Packaging labels: how to successfully package bottles

The packaging label covers all packaging and overpackaging labels, whether for food products, bottled products such as wine or champagne, cosmetics, and all types of industrial products. 

For more than 20 years, Guyenne Papier offered exceptional quality adhesive papers. We aim to meet the demands of the most sophisticated projects for paper manufacturers such as adhesives manufacturers, printers and distributors. Our range is specially designed for concentrated use in the packaging of simple products, or more advanced products that require a high tactile and visual quality. 

Indeed, labels for wine and champagne bottles or those used for cosmetic products must meet certain technical requirements in order to protect them from the extreme conditions that these labels are subject to (rubbing, water, humidity, etc.).

Packaging labels

Products made for you

La gamme SuniLabel

Fluo OS 80g

Fluorescent coated paper OFFSET / FLEXOGRAPHY
La gamme SuniLabel

Inkjet White Matt Coated 73g and 83g

White matt coated paper Inkjet water-based (Pigment & Dye)
La gamme SuniLabel

Iridescent Coated Paper 82g

Pearlescent coated paper - Wet strength OFFSET / FLEXOGRAPHY

Adhesive packaging labels for cosmetics

Because they are stored for most of the time in a humid environment, self-adhesive cosmetic packaging labels require a unique and specific know-how in paper coating. They must contribute to the beauty of the products but also have to be designed to be extremely resistant.

Our papers guarantee optimal colour fastness. They can be used and adapted to aqueous dye and pigment inkjet printing for 83g and 80g. The 90g Irisé is more suitable for offset printing. Our pearl grey, champagne and silver colours have a natural appeal that will perfectly complement your premium customers’ products.


Bottle label printing

When it comes to packaging labels for bottles or spirits, the choice of paper is a worldwide reference in the self-adhesive label market. Whether it is white coated paper, glossy silver, matt silver, glossy gold or matt gold, the papers we design are top of the range. They can be used in four-colour printing as well as in letterpress with gilding or embossing.


We can supply in format and on reels, so any shape is possible for your customers. 


The packaging label that lets the imagination run free!


The packaging label is an essential element of a product. It is, most of the time, what will trigger a purchase. It is therefore a very important experiential element for brands.


Showcasing your clients' creations or the creations you offer to your own clients deserves exceptional papers, the result of several generations of paper coaters.


With Guyenne Papier papers, you open the door to unlimited creativity.


Any form of labelling is possible

Delivered in format or on reels, our self-adhesive packaging labels offer a wide range of decorative and informative label surfaces. 

This allows you to offer your customers "wrap-around" labels, or long lists of ingredients translated into several languages, for bottles. It also allows you to add multilingual content.

The packaging label is therefore an integral part of a brand's communication system to highlight a product and help establish its identity. 


Of course, over-labelling or over-packaging is an important practice that deserves all the mastery of an ancestral know-how in paper transformation.


Secure your work and contracts by choosing Guyenne Papier's packaging label papers.

Discover our papers for packaging labels:


Inkjet paper coated white matt 83g 

The 83g matt white coated Inkjet is suitable for aqueous dye and pigment inkjet printing.


80g Iridescent Coated Inkjet Paper 

Inkjet Iridescent Coated Paper 80g is a glittery coated paper suitable for aqueous dye and pigment inkjet printing, available in 3 different colours: pearl grey, champagne and silver. 


Iridescent coated paper 90g 

Iridescent coated paper 90g is a glittery coated paper suitable for offset and flexo printing, available in 3 different colours: pearl grey, champagne and silver.


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