The revolutionary Sunibarrier range

Are you a professional in the food service or food industry? Do you need to package food and organic materials? 

The Sunibarrier range is made for you!

Guyenne Papier offers you three new products:

  • Greenbee, 100% biobased and recyclable : heat-sealable packaging for dry and fatty products
  • Ladybee, the specialist : heat-sealable packaging for dry or wet, non-fat products
  • Universalbee, universal and uncomplicated : heat-sealable packaging for dry, fatty and wet products

Thanks to a coating process that transforms "traditional" paper into packaging paper, these revolutionary products are ideal for replacing current packaging, which is often made of plastic, which is not very recyclable and is a source of pollution. All three are heat-sealable. 

In addition to being a barrier to grease, water and moisture, Sunibarrier products are heat-sealable. Guyenne Papier has also designed a material that is 95% recyclable and 100% biobased; the AGEC law (Anti-Waste for a Circular Economy), reinforces the choices the company made decades ago.


Products made for you

La gamme SuniBarrier

Greenbee, 100% biobased and recyclable

Heat-sealable packaging for dry or fatty products
La gamme SuniBarrier

Ladybee, the specialist

Heat-sealable packaging for dry, non-fat products
La gamme SuniBarrier

Universalbee, universal and without complex

Heat-sealable packaging for dry, fatty and wet products

A real innovation 

After 4 years of research, Guyenne Papier's R&D department has developed a new barrier paper to replace plastic packaging. Thanks to an innovative coating process, so-called traditional paper is transformed into heat-sealable packaging paper with the barrier properties required for packaging. The aim is to replace the plastic contained in the majority of current packaging.

An ecological commitment 

Single-use plastic packaging is a central issue these days. Guyenne Papier has developed a product without fluorinated resins, chlorinated solvents, PVA or plastic films. It is made entirely from natural substances. This encourages recycling and helps to reduce pollution.

In line with current ecological issues, the Sunibarrier range is made from ecological paper such as Greenbee, which is 100% biosourced and recyclable.

With no impact on the environment, Guyenne Papier respects the company policy it has set itself : GGG - Go Green with Guyenne.

What is at stake? 

The challenge of the Sunibarrier range is to meet the new requirements of brands, particularly for the food industry. Our challenge is also to offer protective and barrier packaging that can be recycled and biodegraded. In order to comply with the AGEC (Anti Wastage Circular Economy) law, which aims to put an end to single-use plastic by 2040, the food industry needs barrier papers that meet these requirements. Guyenne Papier is therefore committed to offering its customers the best products in accordance with this law. 


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