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Are you looking for a large-format printed picture or a specific reproduction of a famous painting to decorate your home? Or a trendy decorative wall panel to embellish and decorate your home? Or would you like to create your own personalised photo?

You need the right paper and the right format to reproduce the picture or photo you have chosen. Whether it is a small or large format (poster), choose the ideal printing medium for your printed picture.

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La gamme SuniSolvant

Decolov M1 140g

Fire resistant non woven fine art coated textile - M1 certified SOLVENT ECO / MILD SOLVENT UV LATEX

The Decolov M1 140g

Guyenne Papier offers you its Decolov M1 (fire retardant) media, a synthetic non-woven support for printing pictures. It is universal, and can be used with both aqueous dye and pigment inkjet (and with eco-solvent, mild-solvent, UV and latex inkjet). 

Decolov M1 140g is an M1 (fire retardant) rated media. This non-woven with a soft textile texture is lightweight, tear-proof and virtually impossible to crease, and dries instantly, making it the ideal choice for your picture printing needs. It can be used indoors and outdoors. This media is especially recommended for indoor display applications where the surface area exceeds 50cm² in public spaces, offices or meeting rooms. Also in your interiors, in flats or houses, as a light banner, and as a pallet cover in supermarkets.

In addition, Decolov M1 can be sewn, heat welded or fitted with eyelets. The material also has acoustic properties that enable it to muffle noise in a room. 

It is also environmentally friendly, as it is PVC-free and recyclable. 

Its textile fibre structure gives it high-quality properties that inspire high quality and creative decors. 


Guyenne Papier can help you with the tailor-made production of your printed pictures 

Do you need a specific type of paper, or does the paper you want have very specific characteristics? Contact our sales team at any time on (00 33) (05) 53 62 20 00 or by email at and we will be happy to advise you on the ideal paper for your end use. 

We can produce bespoke papers on request for all your wall decoration and decorative picture needs, or even for informative displays. With Guyenne Papier you will find the ideal paper to meet your expectations and to decorate any interior, at home or in public spaces.


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