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Large Format Distributor

Distribution is about creating strong connections between suppliers and clients and involves bringing together different perspectives and strategies. You need to be able to identify new products and emerging trends in digital printing by staying alert to the evolution of each specific field. You may then decide whether to include them or not into your portfolio.

Consumables play a key role in ensuring long-term relationships with clients. Your offer needs to take inventory levels and differentiated products into account in order for you to achieve the right performance for which your client will trust you.

Your challenges


new products and emerging trends

Reducing the cost

of consumables (inks in particular)

Expanding the range

offered to the customer

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Our advice

Guyenne aims at advising you throughout the whole commercial process.


Our long history in the printing industry gives us the legitimacy to accompany you in the acquisition of new markets and new customers.


Every choice we make is the result of several years of research and development and precise responses to sometimes original requests. Try us! We will meet the challenge.

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Our technical and sales teams provide you all the help you need.