Self-adhesive blueback paper for over-labelling

They tend to be called corrective or rectifying labels and are used instead of ordinary labels for over-labelling operations because of their black or blue adhesive side, which has a high covering potential. This means that the old information is covered, without the risk of it reappearing. They obscure texts, price labels or bar codes completely.


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La gamme SuniLabel

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Which labels to choose for over-labelling?

As opposed to supplementary over-labelling, which exists to provide new information to the consumer (e.g. lists of ingredients, translations, or revised prices), over-labelling with blueback labels (e.g. Blueback 90g) is used to correct or change information completely. The aim of this paper is to completely remove the original information.


There are two main types of labels used for over-labelling: promotional labels and correction labels.


Promotional labels

These are more common and are used extensively by large food retailers and logistics companies. They are most often fluorescent and it is a product that has largely contributed to Guyenne Papier's reputation for several years. Indeed, Guyenne Papier has been characterised by the widespread use of fluorescent paper, particularly in large-scale distribution. Its appearance, which makes it highly visible and atypical in shopping centres, has encouraged its use for conveying information about commercial promotions. 


Correction labels 

Most often they are used to change a barcode. It is not uncommon for product assignments to change, either at the level of the brand or even at the level of a European directive, for example. In order to avoid returning batches of products to the sender, it is preferable to over-label the products and put them back into the sales circuit as soon as possible. What is costly for product distribution is the non-turnover of stocks: the faster a product goes out, the more profitable it is for the whole value chain.

It is understandable that Guyenne Papier's blueback label plays a vital role in this chain. That is why we do everything we can to provide the best quality self-adhesive blueback paper on the market, in particular with BLUE BACK 90g, which is available in rolls or jumbo.


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