• We have the customised solution to strengthen your capacity for innovation: the GUYENNE PAPIER integrated subcontracting service
  • Subcontracting for graphic applications, metallised media, inkjet.
  • We have developed a unique, integrated subcontracting service: we accompany you completely, from the co-development of your products to customised production adapted to niche markets.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to ask about our success stories in co-development and subcontracting.

As a global player in the transformation of paper, film and textiles for high performance printing technologies, we know how to respond to specific demands that the standard options cannot meet.

With our R&D laboratory, we have developed a comprehensive range of customised solutions to meet your exact specifications. Thanks to a strong investment policy, R&D has been at the heart of Guyenne Papier's evolution for many years. We devise solutions to enhance your media and create exclusives.

We add depth to your media so that you can enliven your own clients' creations.

You are an industrial company or paper manufacturer. You don't want to settle for ready-made solutions. You need to produce rapid industrial prototypes at controlled costs. 

Our exhaustive support integrates all phases, from the development of the layer, the creation of a laboratory prototype and then an industrial prototype, to industrial tests on short runs and follow-ups of the tests with you.

With our tailor-made service, our promise is clear: to find alternative solutions for you, to have a sustainable development approach, to improve sourcing independence, to use or replace some laminates using film (PE, PVC).


We have developed a comprehensive range of industrial solutions for your packaging and technical papers

- Water barrier, water repellent coatings

- Grease barrier coatings

- Steam barrier coatings

-  Protection against counterfeiting

- Non-slip coatings

- Antistatic coatings

- Coating solutions on film and textile or non-woven

- Fireproofing of paper or cardboard: M1, B1, Euroclass standards


- A wider range of graphic applications for your products: iridescent

- Fluorescent and coloured coatings on all types of surfaces in matt, satin or gloss finishes

- Special effects like peach skin, soft touch-like plastic

- Deep matte

- Standard offset coating with high whiteness, high gloss and high opacity

- Phosphorescent fibre safety coatings

- Various technical properties for printing: inkjet, digital, offset...



We have worked to add effects to your papers, including:

- Purple, blue, green sheens

- Milky Way effects

- Customised gold and silver hues

- High gloss coatings on calendered or coated substrates

- Printing versatility: traditional offset-silkscreen-flexography, digital colour laser-aqueous inkjet printing

- Non-solubilised water-resistant coatings



Your comprehensive paper ranges with Premium inkjet applications for visual communications. 

  Colour coated inkjet

  Fluorescent inkjet

  Inkjet with flame retardant treatment

  Metallic inkjet

  Eco-solvent glossy or satin inkjet

GUYENNE PAPIER's plus: A partnership that goes all the way through to the co-development of products based on your specifications or what you tell us your needs are



You have identified several product solutions to satisfy a niche market. However, the business model is not profitable enough to design them in-house, or you do not have the manufacturing base.


We have:

* Helped to choose the right media

* Developed coatings* Created laboratory prototypes

* Produced industrial prototypes

* Followed-up on customer tests

In concrete terms, co-development is the result of a process managed by all of GUYENNE PAPIER's departments.



 Production constraints prevent you from making rapid industrial prototypes at low cost, but you need them for the low-volume products that maintain the consistency of your range.


We have:

* Done industrial tests on short runs from 3, 500M/L

* Done low-volume production from 3T to 6T

* A processing capacity adapted to your customers' major applications: die-cutting, jumbo reels and rolls



This solution has been developed for manufacturers who need a logistics offer adapted to short runs.


We have:

* Prepared orders by pallet

* Customised packaging and labelling management

* Storage with automatic replenishment

* The organisation and management to transport to all your customers


Expert advice, available to answer your questions

Our sales representatives are at your side to help you with quotations and estimates prior to an order. Contact them by email or telephone, or directly from this website by filling out the form.

On-time delivery

We are organized to be able to launch our manufacturing process as soon as the order is placed and to provide you with all the information on the delivery. All our customers receive regular updates on our innovations, promotions and special operations by email or in our newsletters.

An enlarged offer, of high quality

With more than 2500 references in our catalog, we have the widest range of products on the market. We can also respond to your request to help you develop the paper you need, with its own characteristics.

Expert advice, available to answer your questions

Our sales representatives are at your side to help you make your quotations as well as all estimates prior to an order. Contact them by email or by phone, or directly from this website by filling out the form.