Today, economic development is conceived in terms of environmental and social progress.  

This is all the more true in the industrial world where natural resources are used and exploited. 

At Guyenne Papier, we are fully aware of our responsibility. As we have been for many years.

We have a leading role to play in helping to build a more ecological, inclusive and social development model and we invest every day to transform our development into sustainable development.

This conviction is embodied on a daily basis by the CEO of the company, Céline PROCOP, who does not hesitate to refuse to deliver certain products or certain customers, as she explains very well in her article : « Why I refused to sell certain papers in Australia »

Find out how we implement this sustainable development policy in practice.


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Store fixtures and signage theatralization  

Our paper/cardboard supports replace the PVC and films frequently used in store fixtures. We target fitters and large hypermarkets. These products are used by our customers as display media and therefore also allow them to be part of a virtuous model of sustainable development, with recyclable products, PVC free.


  • Suniflam M1 paper replaces films and tarpaulins. It is available from 80 to 300 gr/m² for printing on one or both sides in UV and OFFSET. Available in sizes and rolls, its M1 certification is a guarantee of safety for displays and staging in public spaces, such as stores, trade fairs or hypermarkets. Its instant drying time is perfect for large volume printing. Available for your 35x90 banners, your easels or 400x800 cm posters.

  • Ignisafe Duo 220g for your prints in 29,8x30 cm, A5 back up/price cards, A4, and in 30x60 posters. This fireproof coated paper meets the M1 standard and is printable on both sides. It is suitable for all types of use on solvent, eco-solvent, mild-solvent, UV or latex plotters. It is specially designed for indoor display applications, subject to fireproofing rules.


Guyenne Papier manufactures ECO-RESPONSIBLE water, grease and steam barrier papers. Our products take on the functional AND environmental responsibility of plastic coatings. They are 100% recyclable in the paper/cardboard industry without additional sorting, and they are repulpable.   Some of our coatings are 100% biosourced and suitable for composting (industrial - home compost). 

Guyenne Papier is an actor of alternative products to fluorinated resins, PVDC and other products derived from phthalates which are in the target of substances having impacts on health. 

From an environmental point of view :

Established in Nouvelle Aquitaine, France, we bring our ancestral know-how and our territory to life, we have conducted several projects such as :

  • Our ISO 14001 certification on environmental management to reduce our environmental impact  : waste sorting, recycling, water optimization, noise reduction, dust rejection, safety.

  • Analysis of the origin of raw materials: origin of paper pulp, chemical products that comply with REACH regulations, and the choice to remove fungicides and biocides from our production

  • Implementation and maintenance of the chain of custody requirements in accordance with the FSC chain of custody standards currently in force (FSC - STD - 40 - 004)

  • European sourcing: 100% of our purchases come from Europe. Less travel means a smaller carbon footprint. It's greener for the planet.

  • Water autonomy: we are located on the banks of a river. It is part of our common heritage, and has been for over 300 years. We no longer draw water from the natural environment and our machines are cooled in a closed circuit. We have halved our water consumption in 20 years.

  • Waste management that benefits our customers: considerable work on non-quality and therefore a significant reduction in waste rates has been put in place since 2010

From a social point of view :

  • Guyenne Papier was awarded the EPV label in 2020: Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (Living Heritage Company). A company's responsibility is to support its region and recruit locally, in order to maintain the dynamism of the region in which it is located.

  • In 2021, Guyenne Papier has been selected as part of the France Relance project. This means relocating activities that had been outsourced.

  • Through appropriate means of communication, Guyenne is implementing the human and financial resources and tools necessary to ensure, with everyone’s participation, the realization of its sustainable development policy and its ambitions.

Read the BFM article : 


  • Social and environmental advances are rarely big moves or 180 degree turns. It is the daily involvement and commitment of each and every one of our employees that leads us, little by little, to progress towards a better world.



Guyenne Papier is located in the Dordogne, 3rd most wooded department in France. Guyenne Papier has always been committed to supporting the ecological cause, thanks to the green environment that surrounds it and its desire to protect it.

The company has taken numerous measures to reduce its environmental footprint
    1. Sourcing from controlled European forests  
     2. Sorting and reducing waste
     3. Wastewater treatment  
     4. Donation of unused products  
     5. Reuse of certain materials (bungs, cores, pallets)
     6. Better organization and general awareness for good daily practices

     7. Virtuous actions (low energy lighting, less energy consuming materials)


We strongly believe in the fable of the hummingbird, which comes from an Amerindian legend.

« It is not with these drops of water that you will extinguish the fire said the assembly of animals in the forest in front of the fire that was destroying their natural environment. ».

And the hummingbird replied : « "I know that, but I'm doing my part ».


At Guyenne Papier, we have decided to do our part because we wish, at our level, to be everyday heroes.