Repositionable adhesive supports for shop windows and communication

We offer a complete range of products designed for the creation of self-adhesive papers. Initially conceived for self-adhesive material manufacturers to apply the adhesive product, our materials enable those manufacturers to offer high-quality repositionable products. In addition to the practicality of a repositionable adhesive, the media or supports pasted in this way offer high print quality for high-resolution images and endless application options.

Self-adhesive media

Products made for you

La gamme SuniSolvant

Wall It 150/320g

Self-adhesive paper for wallcovering ECO / MILD SOLVENT SOLVENT UV LATEX
La gamme SuniLabel

Fluo OS 80g

Fluorescent coated paper OFFSET / FLEXOGRAPHY
La gamme SuniJet

Self-Adhesive Paper 120g

White matt opaque self-adhesive coated paper Inkjet water-based (Pigment & Dye)
La gamme SuniJet

Self-Adhesive Repositionable Opaque Film 200µ

Self-Adhesive repositionable opaque Polypropylene film Inkjet water-based (Pigment & Dye)
La gamme SuniJet

Self-Adhesive Repositionable Textile 305g

Self-adhesive Polyester woven textile Inkjet water-based (Pigment & Dye)
La gamme SuniJet

Self-Adhesive Transparent PVC Film 260µ

Transparent self-adhesive PVC film Inkjet water-based (Pigment & Dye)
La gamme SuniJet

Self-Adhesive Vinyl PVC 280µ

Waterproof self-adhesive flexible PVC vinyl Inkjet water-based (Pigment & Dye)

Adhesive papers

Adhesive paper is the simplest expression of self-adhesive media, but in fact it is also the easiest to use. The 120g white adhesive paper is designed for short-term display at trade fairs, outdoors or indoors. Its technical properties enable the use of high-performance adhesives. Its resistance is as perfect as its whiteness (R457).


Self-adhesive opaque films 

Opaque polypropylene films can be used in varied settings: for window dressing, shopping trolley shelters, on-the-shelf products or to highlight a promotion on refrigerators or emphasise key benefits... It is the ideal companion for product displays and window decorations. Discover exceptional products such as the 200µ opaque repositionable film or the 260µ transparent self-adhesive film, which will give your communications a qualitative difference of the highest order.

Give your commercial messages every chance of reaching their targets. And the best part? Test and repeat! The film can be repositioned several times - we all have the right to make mistakes, after all - so don't let that stop you.

Repositionable adhesive textile

Self-adhesive woven fabrics are naturally more resistant and allow for longer application times than other media. Our 305g repositionable textiles are also more widely used and are perfectly suited to all types of communication, and can be applied to a wide variety of surfaces (wood, windows, screens, textiles, etc.). Ideal for ephemeral decorations, they are recognizable by the high precision printing they enable.


Adhesive vinyl 

When it comes to self-adhesive vinyls, our star product is the 300µ PVC self-adhesive vinyl. It is specially designed to withstand long outdoor exposure. From signage to high-end decoration; as a banner or window decoration, anything goes.


Adhesive paper wall covering

Here is an exclusive Guyenne Papier. Thanks to our self-adhesive Wall it 150/320g, you can give free rein to your imagination. Create original and unique wallpapers, printable on a plotter. This is a major asset in a range of interior decoration products. Of course, it allows you to create all kinds of impactful visuals, whether for communication, art exhibitions or window decoration. The Wall it is a revolutionary and easy-to use-support: it would be indecent to do without it!


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