Dye sublimation for promotional items and goodies

Do you want to print on advertising objects or goodies to promote your company and your brand to increase its reputation and influence?

Dye sublimation allows you to obtain a high-definition print, durable over time, for all your promotional items made of polyester. Sublimation offers you an unprecedented degree of personalisation on a wide range of materials.

You need sublimation papers to print on promotional items such as mugs, T-shirts, caps, polo shirts, backpacks or beach bags: there is a wide choice to allow you to reproduce your logo or even photographs, with incomparable quality. 

These unique and personalised gifts can then be offered to your clients or employees, so come and discover our range of SuniSUB sublimation papers, to make your prints on goodies!

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La gamme SuniSub

DSC 95g

High release transfer dye sublimation paper DYE SUBLIMATION
La gamme SuniSub

DSC Tacky 95g

High release transfer tacky dye sublimation paper DYE SUBLIMATION

Our sublimation papers for promotional items 

With our ultra-light, instant-drying sublimation papers such as DSC 47g, which has excellent dimensional stability, or DSC 57g, which offers very good colour rendition, not forgetting the thicker DSC Tacky 95g sublimation paper (probably the best tacky on the market!) which prevents ghosting when transferring onto stretchy textiles, you will find THE sublimation paper you need! 

And if you have any doubts, our sales team will be happy to guide and advise you in accordance with the type of textile or hard surface you wish to use. Don’t hesitate to call us on (0033) (0)5 53 62 20 00 or email us at export@guyennepapier.fr for a personalised advice that will exceed your expectations.

The technique and advantages of sublimation for promotional items 

Sublimation is a digital technique that requires two different machines: a digital plotter, which prints the image on special sublimation paper, and a heat press, which transfers the paper to the chosen advertising object. With the sublimation process, the special ink contained on the sublimation paper is heated and at 200°, it takes on its gaseous form and impregnates the polyester part of the support. 


Dye sublimation is recommended for polyester textiles, but can also be used on most hard substrates, as long as a polyester overcoat is applied (a polyester spray is used) to the area where the logo or image is to be printed. Mugs can therefore be printed using the sublimation printing technique, with incomparable quality and an unlimited number of colours. It is also important to bear in mind that the surface to be printed must be white, so that all the colours of the chosen print design can be absorbed.

Once the sublimation printing is done, the print becomes indelible and totally resistant to washing (high or low temperatures), which offers product images or logos exceptional longevity.

DSC 95G All the expertise of GUYENNE PAPIER concentrated in this sublimation paper. A unique concept! 

The DSC 95G is known as the all-round dye sublimation paper of our range. 

Its 95G/m² weight gives it the best drying time on the market and an exceptionally high transfer rate.

Thanks to the structure of the base paper and its unique coating, you will obtain optimal colours and a perfect hold during printing or calendering. With the DSC 95G, you can personalise textiles and advertising objects, goodies, etc.

The world of sublimation opens up to you!


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