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DSC 95g

High release transfer dye sublimation paper

DSC 95gsm is a sublimation paper designed to meet the needs of the market for a higher quality standard with the high release transfer. It is compatible with all large format sublimation printing plotters and all water based dye sublimation inks. DSC 95gsm is available in both Jumbo reels for high productivity or on finished rolls for plotters

DSC 95g

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DSC 95g



DSC 95gsm is a high quality dye sublimation paper developed to get optimal performance for textile printing. It offers a high ink release and an excellent rendering of colors. The good dimentional stability and the low ink coverage required allows to greatly reduce the cockling of the paper. 


• High quality paper

• Excellent ink absorbtion rate

• Low cockling

• High dimensional stability

• Fast drying

• High ink release

• Optimal transfer yield

• Excellent rendering of colors


• Fashion
• Sportswear
• Interior decoration 
• Advertising objects

• Industrial textile

Technical data
Features Units Methods Values
Weight g/m2 ISO 536 95,0
Thickness µm ISO 534 115,0


Available widhts

 Widths(mm) Length finished roll  (m) Length jumbo reel (m)
610 90 10 000
914 90 10 000
1118 90 10 000
1620 120 10 000


Advices and recommendations 

This universal paper does not require any particular profile. The transfer being excellent, it is recommended to create an ICC profile by decreasing the ink coverage. This will allow to reduce the ink consumption and optimize the drying time while keeping an optimal rendering of colorsStockage et conservation.


Storage and shelf-life 

The sublimation paper needs to be protected from moisture and needs to be stored in the printing room before usage for optimal climatisation. Recommended printing room conditions are 40-50% relative humidity and temperature 20-25°C. A relative humidity of over 60% can have a negative impact of the print quality. The shelf-life of the sublimation paper is 2 years wrapped in the original protecting cover. 

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