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Please contact us for samples of our front adhesive media. Our products are used for converting laminates. We would like to discuss how we can help you develop your products for the interior design, packaging requiring inkjet labels and adhesives, or signage sectors.

The SuniLabel range

We have created a comprehensive range of substrates for use as the face side of self-adhesive labels. In addition to the standard products in this range, we can develop special coatings on a project basis: opaque paper, coating on film, peach skinfeel, etc.

Discover the SuniLabel product range, which is suitable for the following applications:

Signage: promotional labels, price labels 

As specialists in fluorescent coating for many years, Guyenne Papier offers SuniLabel Fluo 80g and 70g, market references, in several colours (yellow, pink, green and red). Our SuniFLUO 80g is universal: it can be printed in flexography and offset, and also in inkjet. A more economical version exists in 70g.


EUROPEAN LEADER IN FLUORESCENT LABELS: We invented fluorescent paper! Our SUNIFLUO OS 80g paper reflects 300 times more light than an ordinary colour. SUNIFLUO OS 80g is specially designed to be self-adhesive, thus guaranteeing perfect product stability during industrial transformation. Five colours are available, to make your communications effective and attractive.

Security: opaque labels, overlabelling, security labels

Blueback 90g FSC® paper can be printed in offset and flexo, with a satin finish for high print quality and perfect colour rendition. It is 99.9% opaque and remains stable throughout the gluing process. The colour is an intense blue.

The wine and luxury sector: iridescent, wet strength version available

Our range of iridescent media is ideal for applications where a sophisticated look is required. Several iridescent effects and colours are available: pearl, silver, gold and champagne. The glossy effect adds value to the product. 

Let's not forget inkjet printers! Digital printing for small runs

Thanks to our know-how in paper, film and textile coating, we have developed products suitable for inkjet printing for the manufacture of adhesive labels. Guyenne Papier offers various substrates compatible with inkjet printing. Several weights are available (63g, 83g, 105g), with a satin or gloss finish. 

Guyenne Papier invents and designs high-performance papers. But we go much further, by testing our papers in all your business environments, on the plotters you use every day.

All our papers are compatible with all large format plotters and all aqueous dye sublimation inks.

INKJET matt white coated 83G is an essential medium in the construction of a range of coated products for labelling. This product is a matt coated paper with consistent stability throughout the label production process. It offers better colour rendering without the need for special any settings. Learn more about all the DIGITAL products in the SuniLABEL range by filling out the form. 

We support professionals in merchandising, interior design, signage and packaging

The current significant growth in the adhesive printing market is a challenge for many companies in sectors as diverse as fashion, interior design, glazing, etc.

Our fluorescent papers are available in various colours including red, green, yellow, orange and pink.

In response to market growth, we have created and developed a comprehensive family of innovative and quality adhesive papers: the SUNILABEL range.

Are you a self-adhesive material manufacturer?

You know perfectly well that adhesive bonding is an efficiency industry that deserves special attention. Creating adhesive substrates for a multitude of applications is not without its challenges. That's why we help you develop the most relevant products for your customers, who do not tolerate imperfections in the products you deliver. Not only paper quality, but also adhesive quality, durability and repositionability: these are the challenges that adhesive manufacturers face on a daily basis. 

Adhesives developed for labelling, signage or interior and exterior decoration must meet high performance technical requirements.


A partnership to help you sell more and better

On this point, Guyenne Papier will be a true partner and is committed to helping you generate sales in your sector by providing you with all the support you are entitled to expect.

Technical assistance, commercial assistance, we go much further, and are at your side to help you to develop your sales.

We know your business, so we know your issues and your problems. More than just paper, we provide you with all the services you need to focus on your customers and your own business development.

Would you like to discover how we can develop sales together? Test us by filling out the form on this page.

You will see that we are not sticky, just terribly captivating!

All our products comply with the highest international safety standards and are at the heart of the most iconic, state-of-the-art developments

All products in the SUNILABEL range offer excellent colour rendition thanks to the quality of our paper. 

Specifically, the SUNILABEL range has been designed specifically for papers intended for use in the manufacture of self-adhesive labels. 

The range will allow you to print at high speed but also to meet the demands of short run printing.

We have paid particular attention to good ink transfer and excellent paper stability, for an optimised print result.


Partner brands for a lasting collaboration

We have established technology partnerships with the leading plotter and printer brands in the market.

We work with them to test all our papers in the real-life conditions you encounter when you print.

Continuous innovation for the future

We strive to drive innovation in your business every day, and our improved quality standards enable our customers in the labelling industries to offer significant added value to their own customers.

What you will like about ordering labelling paper from us

On-time delivery

We are organized to be able to launch our manufacturing process as soon as the order is placed and to provide you with all the information on the delivery. All our customers receive regular updates on our innovations, promotions and special operations by email or in our newsletters.

An enlarged offer, of high quality

With more than 2500 references in our catalog, we have the widest range of products on the market. We can also respond to your request to help you develop the paper you need, with its own characteristics.

Expert advice, available to answer your questions

Our sales representatives are at your side to help you make your quotations as well as all estimates prior to an order. Contact them by email or by phone, or directly from this website by filling out the form.