Adhesive film for windows

Do you need self-adhesive vinyl, transparent self-adhesive or opaque repositionable adhesive film for your shop windows or sales areas to deliver your commercial messages? Do you want to dress up your windows for a particular commercial operation or simply to change your decoration and personalise your windows? Choose our adhesive papers, specially designed for shop windows and window dressing.

Display the name of your company prominently on your window or for all annual events (Christmas, Mother's Day, Easter, Halloween, Valentine's Day...), and commercial events (sales, promotional offers and stock clearance, opening of a new shop), catch the customer's eye and stand out, thanks to our easily-applied adhesive films that in some cases can be peeled off and repositioned again and again! Adhesive or self-adhesive film gives you greater visibility and brings you more customers!

Windows & lightbox advertising

Products made for you

La gamme SuniSolvant

Woaf Backlit 150g

Satin coated paper for backlit and poster applications ECO / MILD SOLVENT UV SOLVENT LATEX
La gamme SuniJet

Frontlit-Backlit Film 215µ

Clear Polyester backlit film Inkjet water-based (Pigment & Dye)
La gamme SuniJet

Self-Adhesive Repositionable Textile 305g

Self-adhesive Polyester woven textile Inkjet water-based (Pigment & Dye)
La gamme SuniJet

Self-Adhesive Transparent PVC Film 260µ

Transparent self-adhesive PVC film Inkjet water-based (Pigment & Dye)
La gamme SuniJet

Self-Adhesive Vinyl PVC 280µ

Waterproof self-adhesive flexible PVC vinyl Inkjet water-based (Pigment & Dye)
La gamme SuniJet

Smooth Premium 140gsm Poster Plus Backlit

Coated paper for backlit and poster applications Inkjet water-based (Pigment & Dye)

Backlit or backlight paper for posters and backlit displays

Do you need special paper for backlit displays in bus shelters, or in LED displays or illuminated poster holders, commonly used in the real estate sector, to highlight advertisements or an important message? 

Discover our Frontlit Backlit 215 µ (or frontlight/backlight) film, a translucent polyester film specially designed for lightboxes and to maximise the impact of your visuals and ensure unequalled colour and contrast. Our backlit papers are printing media specially designed to diffuse the light they receive.


More effective and impactful displays with backlit paper

The difference between a classic paper and a special backlit paper? Up to 30% more brightness, so your advertisement will stand out from the crowd!

Backlighting adds light behind the paper to increase its visual impact and further contrast the print. This style of display ensures that the message is visible even in dark or poorly lit areas. It is important to use backlit paper to achieve unparalleled colour and contrast and to avoid the mottled and faded effect of traditional paper.

Also discover our versatile product, WOAF Backlit 150g, which is a versatile satin paper for use in backlit or poster formats.

Frontlit-Backlit Film 215µ is a translucent polyester film with a water-resistant coating, which allows it to be printed like paper with aqueous dye and pigment inks. It is a clear film specifically designed for indoor and outdoor lightbox applications. Its frontlit side also allows for mirror printing.


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