Papers for wallpaper printing and interior decoration

Our papers for interior decoration, wallpapers or posters are self-adhesive or glueable. Whether smooth or textured, their quality and specific features such as tear resistance or fire retardancy provide security and let creativity flow. 

Interior decoration

Products made for you

La gamme SuniSolvant

Decolov M1 140g

Fire resistant non woven fine art coated textile - M1 certified SOLVENT ECO / MILD SOLVENT UV LATEX
La gamme SuniSolvant

Feel It Embossed 180g, certification EUROCLASS C

Ecological fire resistant wallpaper - EUROCLASS C certified ECO / MILD SOLVENT UV SOLVENT LATEX
La gamme SuniSolvant

Feel It Smooth 180g, certification EUROCLASS C

Fire resistant light and ecological banner/wallpaper - EUROCLASS C certified ECO / MILD SOLVENT UV SOLVENT LATEX
La gamme SuniSolvant

Wall It 150/320g

Self-adhesive paper for wallcovering ECO / MILD SOLVENT SOLVENT UV LATEX

Guyenne Papier and wallpaper


Since the 2000s, wallpaper has seen a resurgence of interest from interior designers and the general public. Digital printing, which makes it easy to meet all the demands of designers, and the popularity of interior design magazines are obviously responsible for much of this. 

Guyenne Papier papers, known for their quality and variety, are perfectly suited to this type of use. We created the Feel it and Decolov ranges, followed by Wall it: a self-adhesive paper designed specifically for the new digital uses that need to be fast, personalised and creative.


Self-adhesive wallpaper, a new on-trend approach


In creating Wall It 150/320g, a semi-permanent self-adhesive paper, we wanted to offer a paper suitable for all types of printing on solvent, eco-solvent, mild-solvent, UV or latex plotters. 


We wanted a product that was both professional and potentially for the general public. Given that today, many architects and artists have large format plotters, Wall It allows them to imagine specific wall works for a specific use, making their creations even more unique. The strength of Wall It also lies in its gluing technique, which makes it removable without leaving any traces.


The possibilities are endless.


Textured wallpaper, a classic revisited


With our Feel It textured 180g and Feel It smooth180g range, we wanted to offer a universal option with the high technical qualities expected of papers intended for interior decoration. Versatile, tear-resistant and wrinkle-resistant, Feel It is above all environmentally friendly. What's more, it allows for great creative expression. 


Paper for top of the range wallpapers


With our DecolovM1 140g range, we wanted to push back the limits of creation and technicality. Indeed, Decolov has the same characteristics as our other papers for interior decoration, but with a woven texture. This gives it the additional benefit of high acoustic properties. It is also resistant to all the treatments that could be applied to it: welding, sewing, eyelets, etc. 


It is the ideal product for top of the range and very creative wallpaper designs.


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