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Paper Manufacturer

The current demand for ever more technical papers has reduced the need for high volume production. Innovation is key when it comes to offering high value added products and solutions to customers.

In order to meet these expectations, Guyenne offers our off-line coating machine which allows you to add technical aspects to a factory-made paper, and to maximise the scope of your portfolio.

Our coatings are multi-purposed and are suitable for traditional printing (offset, screen printing and flexography), digital color laser printing and for water-based pigment, dye or solvent inkjet printing.

Your challenges

Enhancing your media base

and offer new opportunities


thanks to a wider range of graphic effects


your product range

Why choose Guyenne ?

Our finishes

  • Matte
  • Satin
  • Gloss (on calendered or coated medium)


  •  Soft touch feel “peach skin”
  •  Deep matte finish
  • Plastic
  • Milky way effect
  •  Purple, blue and green sheen
  •  Colored
  • Metallized


  • Standard coating (offset, screen printing and flexography with high whiteness, high gloss and high opacity)
  • Digital color laser and water-based inkjet printing
  • Water resistant coatings
  • Water barrier/ water-repellent coatings
  •  Grease barrier coating
  •  Protection against counterfeiting
  •  Water steam barrier coating
  • Anti-slip coating
  • Antistatic coating

Need informations ?

Our technical and sales teams provide you all the help you need.