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The packaging industry is constantly evolving !

We are aware that you have to constantly adapt to new techniques, to the requirements of mass distribution as well as to industrial constraints. We know that your objectives are to continue to improve shelf life, to take care of the designs, to maintain a high level of reliability of your routing solutions... while being innovative and respecting the environmental standards in force.

Guyenne Papier makes every effort to offer you product ranges that allow you to meet your expectations, while remaining aligned with the AGEC and Single Use Plastic law, which aims at zero carbon by 2050 and which governs the innovations of the sector today.

Examples of applications for Sunibarrier papers : 

  • Routing solutions
  • Paper macules
  • Consumer goods
  • Bags of screws, bolts

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Guyenne invites you to be a strong partner and is committed to help you generate sales in your field and accompany you on both commercial and technical levels.




For decades, we have been aware of the issues at stake for you. We will accompany you so, that thanks to us you can focus on your relationship with your clients. Try us! We are ready for the challenge!


We have designed a full range dedicated to the packaging of your products with 0% controversial substances: the Sunibarrier range.

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