Sublimation for Fashion and Clothing

You are a professional in the fashion and clothing industry and you want to produce quality prints on textiles with the help of sublimation papers?

Would you like to personalise clothes or make them unique thanks to sublimation and its innovative ink transfer technique that stands the test of time?

Then you need our sublimation papers! The entire SuniSUB range offers transfer papers with incomparable qualities: an excellent ink absorption rate, a low wave effect, excellent dimensional stability, and ultra-fast drying and excellent ink release define our sublimation papers made in France.

They ensure optimal transfer of the ink from paper to textile, for a rendering on fabric of incomparable quality.


Products made for you

La gamme SuniSub

DSC 57g

High release transfer lightweight dye sublimation paper DYE SUBLIMATION Inkjet water-based (Pigment & Dye)
La gamme SuniSub

DSC 95g

High release transfer dye sublimation paper DYE SUBLIMATION
La gamme SuniSub

DSC Tacky 95g

High release transfer tacky dye sublimation paper DYE SUBLIMATION

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From the ultra-light sublimation paper (DSC 47g and DSC 57g), which is characterised by instant drying, good dimensional stability and very good colour rendering, to the thicker sticky sublimation paper DSC Tacky 95g (probably the best tacky product on the market!), specially formulated to eliminate the ghosting effect caused by the paper when transferring onto stretch fabrics; here you can find the paper you need to achieve the most beautiful sublimation!

Tailor-made sublimation papers for fashion 

Can't find what you're looking for among our products? No problem, Guyenne Papier will custom-create what you need.

Guyenne Papier develops new products and reinvests a significant part of its turnover in R&D each year, in order to offer products that meet your needs and expectations perfectly.


Because Guyenne Papier is a company where customer relations are paramount, we offer customised sublimation papers. Ask and challenge our sales team at or by telephone on (00 33) (05) 53 62 20 00!

The sublimation market is booming

Did you know that the market for dye sublimation is booming?

It is used more and more, especially in the clothing sector, but also for marking advertising objects (goodies) and signage on hard surfaces.

Dye sublimation has many advantages over traditional printing. It lets you:

- Produce small series

- Personalise a garment or object

- Be more responsive by adapting quickly to new market trends

- Reduce production minimums and costs and participate in Europe’s re-industrialisation.

- Be part of one solution to the environmental issues facing the textile industry 

So, what are you waiting for? Why not contact our sales team?

How does sublimation work? 

Sublimation is a durable and revolutionary printing technique that corresponds to the direct transformation of a substance from a solid state to a gaseous state, without passing through the liquid state.

In less scientific language, dye sublimation consists of printing an image in mirror mode on so-called "transfer paper", heating it and transferring it to another medium (usually textile).

In practice, once the paper has been printed with a special sublimation ink, it must be placed on a material made of at least 65% polyester or on other supports (ceramic, wood, glass, etc.) previously treated with an industrial polyester varnish.

The paper and substrate are then placed on top of each other and heated with a heat press or calender. The ink in the paper then gasifies and enters the substrate, allowing the image to be transferred. Find out more about sublimation and its use in our article:


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