Adhesive paper for signage

Food distributors, wholesalers and logisticians all need to mark and label their various product batches in a hierarchical and organised way. The adhesive paper for signage that we have designed is made precisely for this purpose. Its technical qualities and appearance make it suitable for indoor and outdoor use. 


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La gamme SuniLabel

Fluo OS 80g

Fluorescent coated paper OFFSET / FLEXOGRAPHY

What type of adhesive labels should I use?

When it comes to signage, there are different products that can be used to communicate with your audience: posters, of course, and signs and labels in different formats. 

Indeed, there are all kinds of labels that let you inform users and customers, or package products. 

Fluorescent labels are mainly used in the food industry to supplement ingredient information, for translations or, more often, to highlight promotions. Outdoor resistant labels are preferable because promotions, especially for DIY stores, often take place outside. The use of quality adhesive paper is a guarantee of security and reliability that you cannot do without.


FLUO OS 80G labels

Fluo OS 80g self-adhesive paper labels for signage are therefore perfectly suited to commercial communication at the point of sale. They also help to identify customer routes, whether indoors or outdoors, in order to guide and inform users effectively. 



• Available in 5 colours (yellow, pink, green, orange, red), they offer, as do all Guyenne Papier adhesive papers, constant stability across the adhesive process.

• This paper is also available in a fluorescent range: Fluo M5 (significant Smooth bekk)

• Mainly used as price and promotion labels, or as a colour code in logistics.


How to print self-adhesive labels?


Guyenne Papier's self-adhesive signage paper is a coated paper specifically designed for offset and flexo printing. It is of course this distinction that means it can be used outdoors. An inkjet print, by contrast, is only suitable for indoor use. 


Printing labels using flexography

Flexography is a printing technique created in the 1950s, mainly used in the packaging industry and more specifically in the label industry. Flexography uses different types of UV, solvent and aqueous inks. The ink type chosen depends on the desired use. 

In addition, flexographic printing enables:

- Optimisation of the amount of printing produced

- A more impactful appearance of the inks

- Long-lasting quality


Printing labels in offset

Offset printing is the most common printing technique, as it can produce a large number of printed copies, on surfaces big enough to print magazines, for example. But this technique is also recognised as suitable for printing labels. Labels are obviously common on consumer products and are therefore produced in very large quantities. 

Fluo OS 80g signage paper is also suitable for offset printing. This means that your customers can really make their labels pop.


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