Sublimation for your sportswear

Are you a professional specialising in the sale of sportswear and textiles containing polyester, such as technical T-shirts, jerseys, cycling shorts or even sports bras and leggings? Do you want to print your sportswear to make it unique and personalised?

Do you need dye sublimation papers for high-quality textile printing, with optimal ink transfer and an unrivalled choice of colours for your sportswear fabric?

This is where you will find all your textile printing needs for sportswear! 

All sports are featured: football, track/running, cycling, basketball, handball, volleyball, rugby or tennis. Once you have chosen the sublimation paper, the printing possibilities are endless on all your sportswear models.


Products made for you

La gamme SuniSub

DSC 57g

High release transfer lightweight dye sublimation paper DYE SUBLIMATION Inkjet water-based (Pigment & Dye)
La gamme SuniSub

DSC 95g

High release transfer dye sublimation paper DYE SUBLIMATION
La gamme SuniSub

DSC Tacky 95g

High release transfer tacky dye sublimation paper DYE SUBLIMATION

Our sublimation papers for sportswear

For quality printing on sportswear, find our special sublimation papers for textile printing! 

Discover our ultra-lightweight DSC 57g instant dry paper or our DSC 95g or DSC Tacky 95g for your T-shirts, bras, leggings, shorts or cycling clothes, which is sticky to avoid ghosting when transferring to stretchy textiles.

And if you don't know which one to choose, our sales team will be happy to advise you on finding THE right sublimation paper for you. Contact them on (00 33) (0)5 53 62 20 00 or by email at

Sublimation, how does it work?

Dye sublimation is a somewhat unusual textile printing technique in that, under the effect of pressure and heat, the ink (which is on the sublimation paper - transfer paper) fuses with the fabric to become one. 

In practice, the paper has to be printed with a special sublimation ink and then positioned on the material (sportswear), which has to comprise at least 65% polyester. The sublimation paper and the substrate are then placed on top of each other and heated with a heat press or calender. After this step, the print is anchored deep into the fibres of the fabric, resulting in an incomparable and very precise rendering, with brilliant colours.


Long-lasting sportswear printing 

Better still, the colours of a technical T-shirt or a sublimated jersey do not lose their intensity. They withstand sun (UVs), rain and sweat and are resistant to frequent washing. Sublimation is therefore a perfect and durable technique if you want to keep all the intensity of the colours, without worrying that they might fade over time. 

Tailor-made sublimation paper for sportswear

At Guyenne Papier, we invest every year in the research and development of new products, which are constantly adapting to the expectations of the sublimation market.

We can produce customised sublimation papers if your needs cannot be met with our current options. One solution: call us on (0033) (0)5 53 62 20 00, or email us at to discuss your needs and the sublimation paper for the sportswear of your dreams!


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