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At Guyenne Papier, we have taken a lead in providing food industry specialists with reliable, natural and heat-sealable solutions. Our Sunibarrier range offer several products that meet your different needs and the new requirements in terms of environmental standards of the AGEC law and the Single Use Plastic, whether for your documentation, your packaging, your labeling or your displays.

Our papers are developed without PE, PVDC, ACPF and other fluorinated derivatives. And our papers and cardboards are developed without EVOH. Indeed, this law aims at reducing by 50% single-use plastic packaging by 2025 and by 100% by 2040. We intend to lead this revolution head on: "The great change" is now!

Beyond following the ambitions of the AGEC law, Guyenne Papier is in compliance with the REACH regulation, which certifies that substances or products comply with the requirements for the registration, evaluation and restriction of chemical substances, or that they do not contain substances that are prohibited or subject to authorization.

Examples of applications for Sunibarrier papers : 

  • Packaging for fruits and vegetables
  • Labels for fruits and vegetables
  • Tea bags

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Guyenne invites you to be a strong partner and is committed to help you generate sales in your field and accompany you on both commercial and technical levels.




For decades, we have been aware of the issues at stake for you. We will accompany you so, that thanks to us you can focus on your relationship with your clients. Try us! We are ready for the challenge!


We have designed a full range dedicated to the packaging of your products with 0% controversial substances: the Sunibarrier range.

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