All united against the VIRUS.

At Guyenne we have implemented health measures to guarantee the safety of our employees and combat the fear they might feel.

Our duty: guarantee the continuity of business in a secure environment facing this invisible enemy. All these actions of hygiene are restricting, sometimes even drastic, but essential.

It’s therefore, to brighten up our daily lives and to move in a more cheerful direction, that we decided to create a badge. We printed on our adhesive product "WALL IT" to stick on blouse, working clothes or even on the door of the office.

The message is clear: "TOGETHER AGAINST THE VIRUS".

Whoever wears it shows their commitment, personal but also collective. The company is mobilizing against the virus and each employee is an essential link to defeat it.

This badge can be downloaded for free from our company’s website for everybody who wants to use it or take inspiration for their business:

We encourage you to download it.

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