Guyenne et ses Héros du quotidien. Episode 1.


We often talk about Woaf products. Why?


The demands of visual communication professionals need cost-efficient media which perform simply and efficiently the tasks entrusted to them.


Indeed, with 3 products you have the possibility to cover a vast array of applications for large format printing: poster, backlit, photo… for outdoor or indoor applications….

Guyenne presents [again] its 3 Woaf: the flagship products of the SuniSolvant range, media suitable for solvent, eco/mild solvent UV and Latex inks.



Woaf Backlit 150g

Coated paper with a sheet formation so light and perfect that it can be used for backlit applications. It could almost be mistaken with a film. It is moisture-resistant and can replace backlit films in short to medium-term applications. Its evenly silky aspect on both sides makes it clearly different from other backlit papers. The Woaf Backlit is both a backlit paper, as is obvious from its name, and a luxurious-looking poster paper. Its versatility backlit and poster has already convinced more than one customer: Woaf Backlit, the best backlit paper on the market! 

Woaf Satin 200g

The perfect link between its 2 counterparts. It has a light satin finish and its coating is similar to that of the Woaf Backlit and it has the same printing features, which makes an immediate complementarity. Its antiglare effect makes it ideal for large size posters and its color rendering is excellent. Woaf Satin, the fastest drying poster of all times!



Woaf Gloss 220g

True coated glossy paper that can compete with PE photo papers and complement the range. Unlike microporous photo papers, the Woaf Gloss has been designed on a simpler basis. What is expected from photo paper for eco-solvent printing is, first and foremost, quality, gloss, evenness of surface and color density. Woaf Gloss has all of these advantages with the fair price. Woaf Gloss, the shiniest photo paper, ever!


The three Woaf papers complement each other and meet 80% of visual communication requirements.


It’s so much simpler to be able to tell your customers: “If you like the 150gsm, you will love the 200gsm and the 220gsm will naturally complement your range”.


Our clients’ feedback on the Woaf papers are very good: ‘excellent quality, very good color rendering, good drying time on all printing machines: an amazing paper range. It makes things much easier when you have quality products to sell.


Our partner distributors will not say the opposite. They also adopted them.


What about you?