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Inkjet Irisdescent Coated Paper 80g

Pearlescent coated paper for inkjet water-based

Iridescent Coated Paper 80gsm is a glittery paper intended to be used for the front side of self-adhesive labels. It is suitable with both dye and pigment inkjet printers.

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Inkjet Irisdescent Coated Paper 80g



Iridescent Coated Paper 80gsm is a coated paper whose stability remains unaltered throughout the label making process. It is available in 3 iridescent colors: Pearl grey, Champagne and Silver. Thanks to its irisdescence effect, it may be used for beautiful packaging for luxury goods such as cosmetic products and for other food packaging.


• Unaltered stability throughout the label making process

• Metallized aspect although metal and mineral free

• Reference grade in the label industry


• Labelling of vacuum-packed products

• Luxury labels for exceptional products

• Labelling of cosmetic products

Technical data

Available colors  

  • Champagne
  • Pearl
  • Silver

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