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Fluorescent Mixed Envelopes & Cards

Package of fluorescent envelopes and cards

The package of Fluorescent Mixed Envelopes and Cards is composed of 3 fluorescent colors: Yellow, Green, Pink. It is compatible with both dye and pigment inkjet printers and with laser printing.

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Fluorescent Mixed Envelopes & Cards



Fluorescent Mixed Envelopes and Cards is made of fluorescent coated papers designed for the creation of invitations, invitation cards, greeting cards... The fluo color catches the eye 300 times faster than any other color and offers an exceptional contrast in red/black printing. Each package is composed of 18 envelopes and 18 cards (6 yellow, 6 green, 6 pink). The product is ready for direct sale to the general public thanks to its bar code already integrated on the package. The envelopes are windowless, weigh 90g/m2 and measure 14x9cm. The cards weigh 250g/m2 and have been designed to be inserted inside the envelopes.


• Catches the eye 300 times faster than a standard color

• Ready for sale to the general public

• UV resistant

• Water resistant

• Stable paper

• Universal printing: inkjet, laser


• Original letters

• Invitations

• Greeting cards

Technical data

FeaturesUnitsMethods ValuesValues
Weightg/m²ISO 536-       90,0250,0
ThicknessµmISO 534-105,0310,0
Moisture%ISO 287-5,05,0
Smoothness BekksecondsISO DP 5627Top45,016,0


Available colors

  • Yellow fluo (Jonquille­­)
  • Pink fluo (Bougainvillée)
  • Green fluo (Kiwi)

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