War on VOCs is declared, Go green!

Starting beginning of 2018, new European directives will become more restrictive for plastic-based products emitting particles in the air.


VOC - Volatile  Organic Compounds - are substances that can easily end up in the atmosphere. Their volatility is a threat, leading to direct and indirect impacts on Nature, Animals, and Men’s health.


Since 2013, labeling for construction items, wall or floor coatings, paints and varnishes sold in France is mandatory regarding the VOC emitting. The label must show the VOC emission rate by groups going from A+ (very low VOC emissions) to C (very high VOC emissions).




As far as the protection of the environment is concerned, E.U. reinforces several directives and constraints on VOC products.


From 2018 an on, those measures will be extended and reinforced at a European level. Indeed, all manufacturers will then have to clearly indicate the emission rate of VOC products in the ambient air. The strong commitment of the E.U will certainly generate new measures in the coming years and might lead to more drastic decisions.


Decoration and wall covering products are also concerned. To overcome all of those rules, constraints and standards, it is about time to switch to green with PVC free products!

Let’s choose :

> A varnished parquet floor rather than a polished one.

> A GUT certified carpet

> Guyenne’s “Feel It 180g” wallpapers with cellulosic fibers instead of PVC!


At Guyenne, we offer you a range of 7 environmental friendly wallpapers. They are all non-woven based products without PVC, and therefore easily recyclable.


Our wallpaper range has been designed with the will to respect the environment and offer a printing quality as good as PVC based vinyl wallpapers.  They are all printable in UV, latex and eco-solvent/mild-solvent.

Here is a quick overview of our green range:

Decolov M1 140g

High quality synthetic non-woven fabric.  It looks and behaves like textile and gives a light and luxurious look. Tear-resistant and non-crease, it may be used either indoor or outdoor. It also has very good acoustic properties. Being an M1 certified media, it can be used for all indoor decoration applications larger than 1/2m². It provides quality printing with exceptional color rendering. Extra bonus: Decolov can also be printed with inkjet water-based inks (dye or pigment).


Wall It 150/320g

It is a high quality self-adhesive wallpaper. It is pre-pasted with a special glue that can be easily applied and removed without leaving any stains or damage. It is easily printed providing a great color rendering with the ability to be used roll to roll. Extra bonus: very easy to apply thanks to its air-free system liner. Take the liner off, apply to the wall, press… it's done! 


 Feel It M2/B1 Smooth 180g

Recyclable and tear-resistant media without PVC. It can be used with a standard glue for non-woven wallpapers. As a fire-resistant M2 certified media, it may be applied in all public spaces, exhibition halls and showrooms for surfaces larger than 1/2 m². Feel It Smooth is a high quality wallpaper drying instantly and allowing an immediate application. The glue adheres perfectly to the wall allowing an optimal application and adhesion. The media can even be removed and repositioned while applying.



4 Feel It M2/B1 Embossed 180g

Derived from the smooth version, these 4 exclusive and original patterns remind creation and luxurious decoration. The drying time is fast and the ink penetrates easily between the patterns fully covering the media. Its opacity and special touch and its incredible resistance to tearing give a superior quality to these media with a satin finished. Like its counterpart it is easily applicable with standard wallpaper glue. The glue adheres perfectly to the wall allowing an optimal application and adhesion. The media can even be removed and repositioned while applying. Feel It M2/B1 Embossed also are suitable for adhesive coating. They are M2 certified and can therefore be used in all public spaces.  



Here you are now informed, so do not wait, Go green!


Our partner distributors have already adopted them, why not you ?