The White Coated Guyenne Range

Specialized in coated media for aqueous inkjet printing (Dye and Pigment), Guyenne is a specialist on the market of these niche products.


The range suitable for large format inkjet printing is called SUNIJET.  It responds to customization trends, small series, which have been developing for several years now in Epson, HP and Canon plotter printing, whose original inks can vary in rendering.


To meet these demands, Guyenne has introduced key products in the range of coated products: WHITE MATT COATED and SMOOTH PREMIUM.


THE WHITE MATT RANGE coming in three grammages (90g, 105g, 120g) meet all the needs of the , printers, design offices, communication agencies, public and private companies, reprographers for display and CAD work. A very white range, very easy to use with perfect colour renditions and an instant drying time. Ideal for printing plans, imposition control, posters.


THE SMOOTH PREMIUM RANGE available in four grammages (95g, 120g, 140g, 180g), meets the needs of graphic designers, communication agencies for constant print rendering requirements. A range with voluptuous smoothness, optimal colour rendering and an optical white allowing the respect of the colorimetry. Ideal for TAO printing, the test or production of quality posters. 



For an outdoor application of these products, the ink does not flow, the paper is resistant to weather, moisture and UV.


These products are available in finished reels for plotter and can also be delivered in jumbo reels. Contact us for more information.



Did you know? To be printable in aqueous inkjet, the paper used must have a layer that absorbs water and retains pigments on the surface. Thus the result will be optimal and the colorimetric rendering will be identical to the digital file. Online coating during paper making reaches its limits, beyond 2-3g / m2 laying. The paper must then go on offline coaters. This is where the skill of Guyenne begins.