Test our sublimation papers !

Do you need sublimation paper to print on textile, advertising items or for signage on hard supports?

The DSC Tacky 95g: probably the best Tacky on the market!

DSC Tacky 95g sublimation paper offers superb black rendering, ultrafast ink drying and an exceptional level of Tack, probably the best on the market.

It is compatible with all large format plotters and with all sublimation inks. It offers high ink release and excellent colour rendering. The paper is stable and allows significant inking for maximum rendering during transfer.

Thanks to its unique sticky capacities, DSC Tacky 95g avoids the ghost effect when transferring to stretch fabrics.

Test our new products : the DSC 47g and the DSC 57g

Those two ultra-light sublimation papers with instant drying capacities, complete the SuniSub range from Guyenne Papier. The DSC 47g is an ultra-light, high quality paper with an excellent dimensional stability. The DSC 57g offers a very good colorimetric rendering.

Advantages of DSC 47g and DSC 57g:

  • High quality lightweight paper
  • Excellent ink absorbation rate
  • Very fast drying
  • Excellent ink release
  • Excellent transfer
  • Optimal colour rendering
  • Excellent dimensional stability

Applications :

  • Fashion industry
  • Interior design
  • Industrial fabrics
  • Advertising items

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