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We started talking to you about it for the first time just a few months ago… As part of its policies and its commitments, the EU has prepared a set of constraining legislative acts that should allow it to achieve its energy objectives and to fight against climate change by 2020.


But you will ask us: what is the link with our line of work ? Well, you may know that elements based on plastics emit airborne particles and contain VOCs. VOCs, or Volatile Organic Compounds, include substances that can easily be emitted into the atmosphere. VOCs volatility poses a serious threat leading to direct as well as indirect impacts on the environment, on the fauna, and on human health. They are considered to be air contaminants.


Starting in 2018, tolerance levels will be reviewed. But there is no doubt that the measures that will be taken in the next few decades will become increasingly drastic. Joint work with the authorities is under way in order to set up regulations that will be common to all EU countries.


Since 2013, let us point out that labelling construction products, wall and floor coverings, paints and varnish sold in France is mandatory in terms of Volatile Organic Compounds emissions. The label must indicate VOCs emission levels on a scale ranging from class A+ (very low emissions) to class C (high emissions).


In Germany, administrations and policy makers require that new products be tested before marketing. The DIBt (technical authority in the construction sector) made this test mandatory and the AgBB certification became a prerequisite to market coverings in Germany. The authorities set the levels. If a product is not within the limits prescribed, marketing is prohibited. An additional label «Ü» is even mandatory for some products.


Decorative products are also concerned. And in order to be in line with the authorities and to be finished with all the standards, rules and constraints, GGG with our products « PVC Free» ! Check out our range of 7 environmentally friendly wallpapers. They are all non-woven and recyclable wallpapers, free of PVC, with a print quality which is as good as the quality you can get from vinyl wallpapers containing plastics. They can be printed with UV ink, latex, eco/mild solvent.



Reminder of our range of products :

Decolov M1 140g : 100% exclusive product from Guyenne, non-woven, synthetic with a high quality finish. Untearable and almost crease-proof, it can be used inside as well as outside. It is a non flammable product (certified under M1 standards). The print quality is high. The extra advantage : this product can also be printed using inkjet printers with aqueous ink, dye ink or pigment ink. Decolov M1 : the most original non-woven media



Wall It 150/320g

High quality semi-permanent adhesive wallpaper. This media can be easily applied and removed without leaving a trace of adhesive thanks to its tear resistant structure and its special adhesive. The extra advantage: even easier to apply thanks to its grid liner system which expels the air during application. Wall It: the quickest wallpaper to apply.


Feel It M2/B1 Smooth 180g

Recyclable media, free of PVC, and tear resistant. It is applied using traditional adhesive for non-woven wallpaper. Thanks to its flame retardant properties and its certification under M2 standards, this media can be used in all public places, trade shows or exhibitions where the area exceeds 1/2 m ². The extra advantage: dry removal is possible. There is no need for a wallpaper stripper. Feel It: the anti-reflective wallpaper which is the easiest to print!


Feel It M2/B1 Embossed 180g

Derived from the above product (smooth finish version), these 4 exclusive and original patterns provide the inspiration for a luxurious decoration. Its opacity, its special touch and its incredible tear resistance make the 4 textures a high end quality product. The Feel It Embossed also have adhesive properties. Its flame retardant properties and its certification under M2 standards mean that this media can be used in public places. The extra advantage: the sheets are fitted side by side with no overlap required. The 4 Feel It Embossed 180g are the most exclusive embossed wallpapers!



Then it’s GGG !


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