Guyenne Papier : Your facestock supplier !

At Guyenne, we transmute papers, films and textiles by coating them. We specialise in applying coatings to any type of flexible material. Doing this confers specific properties to the chosen backing, enhancing its appearance or preparing it for a range of printing techniques. Guyenne offers a variety of materials that are compatible with inkjet technology. We can supply different weights (63 g, 83 g, 105 g) with a satin or gloss finish.

The SuniLabel range

We offer a complete range of materials for use as the visible surface of self-adhesive labels.Beyond the standard products in this range, we develop special coatings on a project basis for opaque papers, films, peach-feel finishes, etc.

We have specialised in fluorescent coating for many years. The Guyenne SuniLabel Fluo 80g range is a market standard and exists in yellow, pink, green and red. Our FLUO 80g is universal and can be used for flexo and offset, as well as ink-jet printing processes.

Blueback 90 FSC® paper can be printed on using offset and flexo processes. Its satin finish ensures top quality printing and perfect rendering of colours. It is 99.9% opaque and remains stable throughout the adhesive application process.
Our range of iridescent solutions is ideal for applications that require sophistication in their appearance. We offer several different colours and iridescent effects: pearl, silver, gold and champagne. The shiny finish never fails to add value to your product.

Find out more about the SuniLabel range of products that are ideal for the applications below:
Signage – price labels, promotional stickers
Safety – opaque labels, stickers, safety labels
It is an intense blue in colour.

Winegrowing and luxury industries – iridescent with moisture-proof qualities if required
Digital printing for small series
Our Digi range provides a special coating for the HP Indigo printing process. There are three products in this range: DigiGloss 80 gsm, DigiFluo 80 gsm and DigiMatt 95 gsm.
In 2017, we are adding new products to our range and will be exhibiting at Label Expo in September.
With both standard and tailor-made solutions, at Guyenne WE COAT FOR YOU

Guyenne’s offering addresses niche markets with added-value materials for the graphics, paper processing, textile and digital printing industries!.