blockout paper for manufacturing self-adhesive labels

Blueback 90g is 99.7% opaque FSC® paper, with a deep blue backside.


Simplify your industrial process by using an already opaque paper. The back side can be immediately coated with an adhesive. This strategic choice of production avoids the use of coloured glues to make the opaque label complex. SuniLabel Blueback 90g is suitable for offset and flexographic printing. Its satin non-reflective surface enables this material to give perfect colour reproduction.


End uses: Over-labelling, safety labels. Thanks to its opaque properties, it can easily hide already existing labels, confidential text, mistakes, anti-theft chips, etc.


WE COAT FOR YOU : we also provide other Blockout media for different types of needs.


A project in mind? Need for a blockout media:

for thermal printing?

for inkjet printing?

With a satin effect?

Glossy ?


On a film? ...


… contact us! Our job as coaters offers us the skill to treat the support surface, to give it particular technical and aesthetic properties.


We co-develop your products. In addition to helping you in your choice of medium (paper or film), we help you to develop the coating you want. Through the facilities of our R&D department, we can offer a laboratory prototype and then an industrial one. We then carry out tests with customers to the complete validation of the product. We stay with you from A to Z.


Our sub-contracting offer is wide. Please contact us for more information.