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DSB 93g

Instant drying dye sublimation paper - Cut size

DSB 93gsm is a sublimation paper designed to meet the competitive market needs of little format printers. It is compatible with all water based dye sublimation inks. DSB 93gsm is available in A4 or A3 in packet or in pallet.

DSB 93g

You wish


by reducing the quantity of ink used


straight afer printing

Why choose

DSB 93g



DSB 93gsm is a cost efficient and economical sublimation paper. Its coating accomplish a reasonnable cost-transfer quality. DSB 93gsm shows a high ink release and a good transfer yield. Its drying time is shorter than other sublimation papers present in the market.


• Low cost

• Good ink absorbtion rate

• Fast drying

• High ink release

• Optimal transfer yield

• Good rendering of colors

• Good dimensional stability


• Fashion
• Interior decoration
• Advertising objects

Technical data

FeaturesUnitsMethodsValuesWeightg/m2ISO 53693,0ThicknessµmISO 534115,0

Advice and recommandations

To achieve the maximum color yield during the transfer, we deeply recommend to create an ICC profile by increasing magenta of which the transfer level is lower. Some printers used in the market are not designed for paper transfer sublimation. Ink kits or extensions allow to transform and adapt them for sublimation applications. Most of them do not include drying lamps. Nevertheless, an additional drying system can be added to the machines allowing to solve this problem.


Storage and shelf-life 

The sublimation paper needs to be protected from moisture and needs to be stored in the printing room before usage for optimal climatisation. Recommended printing room conditions are 40-50% relative humidity and temperature 20-25°C. A relative humidity of over 60% can have a negative impact of the print quality. The shelf-life of the sublimation paper is 2 years wrapped in the original protecting cover.

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