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Dye sublimation: the new golden age of paper

The sublimation market is growing fast. Dye sublimation printing offers multiple advantages compared to its counterpart:  traditional printing (= screen-printing).

Indeed, dye sublimation printing allows being more reactive by adjusting to the new trends, to produce in small series, to personalize and to decrease minimum production quantities.


This technology is booming in the clothing and the Visual Communication industry. In addition to printing on textile (for decoration, industrial), sublimation is the preferred solution for imprinted advertising business (goodies) and the signage on hard substrates thanks to its qualitative printing.


7 key parameters for a successful dye sublimation printing

This high-demand market requires quality, which depends on 7 parameters:

1.     The printer
2.     The inks
3.     The press or the calender
4.     The paper
5.     The software
6.     The textile
7.     The production conditions


If one of these elements mentioned above is undervalued, the quality of the transfer may not be optimal.

This paper is not a just a simple paper. Indeed, it is difficult to conceive. It must resist to the heat as it will be heated to very high temperatures, it must properly absorb and release inks, be adjusted to the type of printer used and to the final application. Sublimation paper is therefore a complex element, making it probably one of the key pieces in the sublimation process.


Sunisub Range:

Launched in 2015, Guyenne has created its own dye sublimation paper range: The SuniSub range . Our DSC 95g, 47g and 57g and the TACKY Version 95g compatible with all large format sublimation printing plotters, industrial high speed printing machines and sublimation inks, are available for testing.


Other SuniSub products are currently in development. You will be able to discover them soon!


DSC 95g TACKY: Dye sublimation coated paper

Probably the best tacky paper on the market!

DSC 95g TACKY is an efficient sublimation paper designed to meet the competitive needs of the fashion textile printing market. DSC 95g TACKY has an excellent tack and black ink release. Its lightweight coating confers a very good cost/transfer quality. Its drying time is faster than the average sublimation papers present on the market. DSC 95g TACKY is available in both Jumbo reels for higher productivity or finished rolls for plotters.


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Need more info about dye sublimation methods?

Sublimation is an ecological and revolutionary printing technique which corresponds to a transition of a substance directly from the solid to the gas phase without passing through the intermediate liquid phase. In a less scientific language, the sublimation process consists to print an image in mirror mode on a paper called transfer paper, to warm it and to transfer it on another support (generally on textile).


Being a digital printing technique, sublimation requires possessing an inkjet printer and special sublimation inks. Once the paper is printed, it must be positioned on a material made of at least 65 % polyester or on another support (ceramic, wood, glass …) which has been coated beforehand with an industrial polyester varnish. The paper and the support are placed on top of each other and then warmed thanks to a press or a calender. The ink present in the paper will then turn into gas and penetrate the support allowing the transfer of the image.