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We coat for you

Since 1689



Subcontract your production to Guyenne!

For decades, Guyenne has been a global player in the paper processing industry, producing high-performance solutions for its customers. We specialise in coating, which consists in processing the surface of a paper to give it specific technical properties, or a particular appearance or function.

“WE COAT FOR YOU” expresses our will to answer at best all your needs !

We have  developed three service offerings just for you:


Co-developing your products

We not only assist you in selecting the paper you need, but help you by developing the coating you are looking for. Using the facilities of our R&D department, we can offer a laboratory prototype, before going on to executing an industrial one.To improve it, we then carry out tests with customers.


Agile production

Are you looking for fast prototyping for small volumes and at low cost? We do industrial trials on small series (from 3,000 linear metres) and small volumes (from 3 tonnes), and we have comprehensive shaping facilities to meet our customers’ expectations.


Logistics support

If required, we can wind product into rolls and send them to your customers. We also offer labelling, customised packaging and order preparation according to your specifications.


You can confidently sub-contract several types of applications to us:



We have comprehensive industrial solutions for your packaging applications and technical paper requirements:

- Water-proof and water-resistant coatings

- Grease-proof coatings

- Steam-proof coatings

- Solutions for protection against counterfeiting

- Non-slip coatings

- Antistatic coatings

Printing techniques

- Coloured ink-jet and pigment coatings for photo paper

- Eco-solvent coatings and solvents for digital printing


We offer a wide range of graphic applications for your products:

- Coloured and fluorescent coatings on any type of base with matt, satin or gloss finishes

- Special peach skin-like effects

- Deep matte, soft plastic feel, etc.

- Traditional offset coating with high whiteness, high gloss and high opacity

On iridescent papers

- Purple, blue and green interference effects

- Milky way effects

- Tailor-made gold and silver nuances

- Ultragloss coatings on calendered or coated papers

- Multiple printing techniques: traditional offset-silk screen-flexo, colour digital laser-aqueous inkjet, etc.

- Water-resistant insolubilised coatings


There is no limit we are always delighted to accompany you on new projects.

All our ranges of papers are fit to the transformation.


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